Recipe of Fire Roasted Peppers So Easy

The Recipe For Making Fire Roasted Peppers.

Fire Roasted Peppers You can make Fire Roasted Peppers using 2 ingredients in 3 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Fire Roasted Peppers

  1. Add 1 of med bell pepper.
  2. Mix As needed of fire.

Step By Step To Make Fire Roasted Peppers

  1. Wash the pepper. Turn the pepper as needed over an open flame. Char the out side of the pepper..
  2. When most of the pepper is charred. Put into a ziploc bag quickly. Let it stay in the bag closed, for 7-10 minutes..
  3. Take the pepper out the bag. Get a spoon and start scraping the outside part of the pepper. It's ok not to get all the char off of pepper. Cut the stem part remove the seeds. Done..

That's how to make Fire Roasted Peppers Recipe.

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